Adi Ulmansky for ASOS

by Roza Sinaysky | 16.07.13

I’ve been obsessed with Adi Ulmansky for a while now and been planning to write a related post for so damn long. The Israeli blue haired wild child, who rocked Tel Aviv, is now moving on to rock London and this couldn’t be a better subject for a post. Adi just collaborated with ASOS, who are apparently also obsessed with her manga/90’s troll/fairytale style. Thought I’ll share this cool, fun, young and fresh fashion shoot they worked on. J’adore!

Couldn’t be more proud for a fellow Telavivian!

“My style, videos and artwork are influenced by a mix of things – from Japanese fashion to grunge to emo. I am never committed to one genre, I like to find an element and make it my own”.

“I am not a control freak but I am involved in everything, writing, producing, making videos and styling, it’s all equally important and all about who I am”.

“Blue hair is new for me. I wanted a pastel shade and it came out like a mermaid which is even better!”

Discover more of Adi’s universe by checking out her website.  


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