The mantra of Mutrah

by Roza Sinaysky | 10.07.13

Mor Aldaag and Gani Bar Lev are the two ladies behind the wonderful Tel Aviv based jewellery brand Mutrah. Their colorful tribal chic accessories took the world by storm and they are now selling in top stores across the globe from Japan to London through New York. No need to go to any of those places to get your hands on these beautifully crafted accessories because if you’re  in Tel Aviv in the next few days then you’re in luck as the girls of Mutrah are hosting a special summer sale that will also be functioning as a concept POP UP store.  Worth checking out! Shavazi 59 Neve Tzedek Tel Aviv. More details on the facebook even page! 

When ancient craft meets modern design.

Mor and Gani in their element, surrounded by threads and materials.

Can you possibly say no to this invitation?! See you at the SALE!!!


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