Inside The World of Lihi Hod

by Roza Sinaysky | 03.07.13

From now on you will be able to get a more personal and closer look at the people who make the Israeli fashion industry. These new posts will include interviews, studio visits and a fun shoots. Watch this space for more inspiring industry posts! Starting from bridal wear designer Lihi Hod.

Images by Dana Meirson

Every girl dreams of this magical “once in a lifetime” moment, everything has to be perfect, the groom, the cake, the flowers and, of course, The Dress. Lihi Hod one of top of bridal wear designer in Israel makes this dream come true for thousands of brides by designing their fantasy dresses. As her neighbour and fan I decided to pop in to her lavish studio downtown and take a closer look at her fabulous work.

ROZA SINAYSKY (RS): How did you start designing wedding dresses?
LIHI HOD (LH): I finished Shenkar School of Design and went on to intern at Dior under the creative direction of John Galliano. When I came back to Tel Aviv I started to design from home, for friends and then their friends. The business grew very fast so I opened this studio.

RS: Let’s talk about the obvious – your inspiration.
LH: I am mainly inspired by my client. My dresses are mainly custom made so I listen to every girl’s needs and design the dress according to her style. Every dress comes out so different and that’s what’s exciting about my job.

RS: Tell me about your work process, how do you start working on a dress?
LH: I get very inspired by fabrics, ribbons, lace and buttons. I need to feel my material in order to start working on a dress and once I look at a certain fabric I start draping and playing around with it. I much rather work with my hands then sketching like most designers do.

Lihi’s permanent collection at the studio, every dress can be adjusted to the brides wish and desire.

RS: What about your personal style? What do you like to wear?
LH: I’m crazy about shoes, I have a huge collection and I don’t necessary have to wear designers clothes but shoes is something I am not compromising on.

Lihi’s inspirations in the studio.

From the moodboard.

Feathers, tulle and ribbons the recipe for the perfect wedding dress.

More ribbons, some more sequins.

Sweet dreams are made of these. Lihi’s seamstress work in progress.

In detail, Lihi’s collection at a closer look.

On the Lihi’s wall, something to get you in the loving mood.

Lihi on finishing touches just before making another bride -to- be very happy.

Lihi Hod Studios: 16 Abulafia Street,  Florentin Tel Aviv 03-6810606



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