Fun, Sun And Ray Ban

by Roza Sinaysky | 24.06.13

Last week I was invited to celebrate the launch of the new catalogue by Ray Ban. What the big woop you ask? Well, The classic, yet current, brand decided to shoot a special campaign just for the Israeli market and I thought this was such a cool move and I had to share these fun images. Free spirited, young and energetic, that’s what it’s all about at Ray Ban this summer.

Photos by Guy Kushi and Yariv Fien




the latest



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אליאן סטולרו זקט 1950 במקום 2200 שח מכנס 2100 שח צילום מרינה מוסקוביץ כריס

Eliane Stoleru

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Retro Chic At Its Finest

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