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by Roza Sinaysky | 09.06.13

I always believed that if you are talented and have a creative vision there’s no reason for you to set your mind in doing just one thing. Take Nir Peled (aka PIL PELED) for example, a young but already established graphic designer/graffiti artist who’s signature black and white graphic sketches hang on walls of international museums and galleries, decorated book covers and even vodka bottles, took a step beyond the pen and paper and created a clothing brand that carries his name. PIL PELED’s rather dark and urban aesthetic is now transformed into unisex T shirts, hats, skateboards, sweatshirts and even yarmulkas. I urge you to check out PIL PELED’s universe on his tumbler  where you can also get your hands on some of his goodies.

The PIL PELED hat.

The T shirt.

The canvas bag.

The creepy sweatshirt.





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