Life’s a beach (or maybe a pool?)

by Roza Sinaysky | 15.05.13

During the winter, we all fantasize about that magical sun kissed sensation on our skin and the thought of exposing our bodies, after the long chilly season, excites us.  We crave for that moment when we let loose, forget our troubles and dip our toes in cool water. Ahhh, yes, that first time of the season… Gottex understands that every girl knows that this first time on the beach (or in the pool), after the winter hibernation, is a matter of serious preparations. Getting your body bikini ready and buying the right swimsuit is a subject most women don’t take very lightly. The Israeli based swimsuit brand realised how important it is for women to look and feel glamorous poolside, so they created a wide range of swimsuits, for all shapes and ages, to fit every lady’s need. From classical shapes to trendy scuba prints, here are some of the options you can go for this summer.

The wait is over, get your bikini out.

If you want to stand out this season, go for a graphic printed beachwear.

Why settle for just a bikini? Go for the whole look with a beautifully matched chiffon beach dress.

How about going paisley this season? Gottex available worldwide.

Images by David Donan.



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