a shoe story

by Roza Sinaysky | 27.04.13

As you probably noticed by now I am quite a multi-tasker when it comes to fashion. One of my many jobs in the field is being a stylist. This week one of the stories I styled and produced is printed in a fashion and life style supplement of Maariv Magazine. I thought it would be nice to share it with such fashionable readers as you are. Spoiler alert, there’s going to be shoes, a lot of shoes…

Happy feet, shoes by H&M dresses by Lanvin, jewelry by Pandora and Or Tocatly.

Shoes by Sergio Rossi at Helga Design, trousers (right) Made by Lilamist, trousers (right) Boutique Elise.

Professional poser Ira Simonov is wearing Zara trousers and shoes by Caligula.

Top by Zara trousers by Erdem shoes by Republic footwear.

More beautiful legs, dress by Kenzo shoes by Aldo. Cover photo credit: suit by Chaser  sandals by Daniella Lehavi jeans by in style Boutique Photos: Gilad Bar Shalev, Models Ira simonov and Lena Zubkov huge thanks to Kastiel who aloud us to take over their beautiful showroom for a couple of hours.



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