Petite Meller x Stevie Jobs

by Roza Sinaysky | 22.04.13

If I had to name one person who changed my life in recent years I would do just what Petite Meller did, pay tribute to Steve Jobs. Petite Meller is a fellow Tel Avivian fashionista who now lives in Paris (and is moving to NY this summer). This little lady has the voice and the looks of an angel, I just couldn’t resist spreading the word about her new video. In a quick interview with Miss Porcelain herself she told me about her inspirations for this song: “In my new single I wanted to glorify the spiritu-religious digital cult that has aroused this generation, along with the beats of ma Brooklyn boy Shamell Pitts and a crying sax all burst up in a cider of passion”. The result? A super sexy tribute to Steve Jobs. See video below.

The video was shot in an old Bauhaus house in Tel Aviv , directed by Asaf Mann and stared fellow Tel Avivan models, pride and joy.

Petite is known for her love for suspenders and all this “racy”, her tiny leather overalls which covers very little of her were designed by Michael Polkanov, a Russian designer from Tel Aviv. Another fashion collab for this video was with New Balance who happily provided the authentic sneaks that Steve used to wear.

I am curious to see what shenanigans this provoking little creature will be up to next, I promise to keep you posted of her whereabouts.


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