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by Roza Sinaysky | 03.04.13

Looking for a new apartment is a global frustration. It’s never easy, time consuming and somehow you always end up compromising one way or another. Yes, you guessed right, I am reluctantly looking for a new home, a task that can lead one to a state of madness. One of the things that give me some hope of finding the right place is the fantasy of how it will look like after I’m done decorating it. It’s now just a matter of time before my ultimate interior design dream will become reality. So, while waiting for that perfect property to be found I am indulging myself with the idea of splurging on a set of embroidered sheets from Israeli brand Ili, thinking how fab they will look in that new imaginary apartment. Irit Levine and Liora Cohen the ladies behind the brand take bedding to a who new level by creating the ideal combo between long lasting quality and timeless style, both of Ili’s shops are pure indulgence, the white of the walls, the softness of the towels and the smell of the scented candles sure will take my mind off the endless property hunt.

Off white? Magnolia? Cream? Or beige?


Work in progress.

Attention to detail at Ily.

Ili’s philosophy on life is “today is the perfect day to start living your dream” and I ask, can this day be today?


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