Into the wild

by Roza Sinaysky | 27.03.13

It’s holiday season here in Israel and what better way to spend the few days of freedom then getting out of town and become one with nature. While on my semi break (as I never really stop working) I came across these beautiful images by the photographer Ella Uzan, who possesses an incredible ability to capture free spirit moments like the ones bellow. Ella’s dreamy images won her 12K followers on instagram and some exciting commercial work in Israel and abroad. In case you forgot that fashion and nature go hand in hand, Ella is here to remind you.

A fashion shoot for an Israeli fashion magazine “AT”.

More editorial work by Ella Uzan.

In good company.

This time it’s a wolf, one of Ella’s fluffy models.

Ella is heading to New York for some fashionable adventures and I am sure she will be posting some fab images on Instagram, follow, follow, follow!



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