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by Roza Sinaysky | 10.03.13

Looks like running around freezing Paris for 5 days took a toll on me. I am back in sunny Tel Aviv with high fever, runny nose and a great deal of fatigue. So If my trip looked very glamorous to you just be aware of the fact that it came with a price tag. I managed to scrape myself out of bed for just a few minutes to write this post. I snapped some fashion victims who ignored the cold weather during PFW now I am the one who got ill, where is the justice!?

Did I mention it was freezing? I guess not everyone got the memo.

Bows in Central Paris.

0 Degrees, no socks, one more victim of Paris Fashion Week.

In any weather, I want this bag!!!

Party shoes in story weather.



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3 Responses

  1. 01 Hagar

    וואו. מושלם

  2. 02 Rona

    I love the cobalt bows! perfect 🙂

    Dress To Cook Blog


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