Love was in the air

by Roza Sinaysky | 16.02.13

The fashion event season officially kicked off in Tel aviv and this means a lot of presentations, industry mingling and plenty of running around. Due to this over flow of  information I apologize for this belated Valentine’s day post. As part of the Summer 2013 presentation extravaganza, a couple of days ago (on Valentine’s day) an intimate gathering was held at Helga Design, the aim was to celebrate the day of the lovers and also to present the S/S 13 collections in the store. special guests were called in to make the event vibrant and full of pazazz!

Model behavior

Nona (left) Micah Amos and Gabby Ben David rocked the house.

The elegant version.

That’s what I cal pazazz!!!

Nona bringing on the fabulousness!


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