J’adore Shourouk

by Roza Sinaysky | 23.01.13

So, as you might or might not know, I am a regular contributer to ELLE Russia and as a very enthusiastic journalist my job is to come up with alluring stories about “it girls”, fashionable adventures and cool new things for the readers to adore. This time I am in Paris visiting the studio of jewelry designer Shourouk , her extravagant designs got me going crazy for a while now and I couldn’t help but to explore her world in more depth. dive in with me…

Some of Shourouk’s wonderful and vibrant creations.

My new obsession: The little bling plastic bag, another version of it was kindly given to me by the designers, JOY!

Work in progress in the studio.

A neckless in the making for her collaboration with Swarovski, in stores in the spring.

Aladin’s cave, Shourouk’s studio.

The new lookbook, worth a glimpse.



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