Louis Vuitton goes hipster

by Roza Sinaysky | 11.01.13

By looking at most collections and in many of the stores, sometimes fashion just seems a little too rough and dark for me. I get the feeling that all the trends out there are made for tall socialites who are all about pleasing the paparazzi after a wild night out, you know, Kim Kardashian style. Well, it looks like finally there’s some justice for  the girls who are more in-to the soft side of things, the quirky ladies who are just a little more practical about their fashion, Louis Vuitton’s Pre Fall 2013 takes a sweeter turn, this time inspired by the French “new wave” of the 60’s, this collection is perfect for all you hipster girls out there!

Has my name all over it! LV Pre Fall 2013

The most feminine way to wear a mini skirt,  LV Pre Fall 2013

That’s how you wear color 60’s all the way! LV Pre Fall 2013

Couldn’t be more perfect!! winning combo LBD and leather jacket. LV Pre Fall 2013

Tip: Adding wide framed glasses and red lipstick will make every look a huge success. LV Pre Fall 2013

A tailored suit with a tiara! Now thats just genius! LV Pre Fall 2013

Lace and polka dots, this just getting better and better. LV Pre Fall 2013

A fashion yin and yang in harmony. LV Pre Fall 2013

Slippers will still be “IN” next season, now that’s a relief.

Matchy matchy, LV Pre Fall 2013

Gotta have a little bit of that famous monogram. LV Pre Fall 2013

Pure elegance LV Pre Fall 2013


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