by Roza Sinaysky | 06.01.13

In a little white charming shop on 9 Tshernichovsky Street hides an explosive world so full of color and POP that you won’t be able to miss even from a block away. The window is decorated with exotic pink flamingos and wide eyed 70’s bambi dolls, which makes this little shop even more inviting. Once you step inside the huge selection of  bright and bold bracelets, eccentric earrings and larger then life super colorful necklaces will make your eyes jump from wall to wall with excitement. You might be barked at by a little tiny chiwawa and finally at this stage you will be greeted by Liat, the designer behind “Ginzburg Fashion Jewelry”. Liat tells me with passion that unscrewing bits and putting them back together in a different form was something she’s been up to since she was a little girl, so when she left her job as a teacher in 2007 and created her brand it wasn’t much of a surprise. Her plastic statement necklaces are staring in every magazine possible including Vogue Italia, Grazia and French ELLE so even if you’re not flamboyant enough to wear these jewels you can’t help not to appreciate the fun and creative spirit behind them.


Pop life, Liat Ginzburg world.

Ride in style.

Which one would you go for?

Liat Ginzburg, one in many hidden gems of Tel aviv.


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