Meet the Roza slipper

by Roza Sinaysky | 30.12.12

When you have a shoe called after you it must mean you worked pretty hard in your life to deserve such recognition. Well apparently I earned it  fair and square because today I can proudly introduce you to the “Roza Slipper” by Aerosoles. The American shoe company decided to pick five influential fashion bloggers to pick their favorite shoes that will then be named after each girl. Yours truly selected a grey, felt, embroidered slipper that will hit the stores next winter. Can’t wait to have them on my feet, not only because they are super cool and have my name on them but because they are the most comfortable shoes I had on my feet for (probably) ever.

Ta da!!! Here it s…

From next winter’s campaign.

The whole series of slippers, just like a proud mum I think mine are the best!

Some more of that campaign.

Me and my new babies!


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