The art of the trench

by Roza Sinaysky | 15.12.12

When asking a woman what the ultimate, all time key piece in her wardrobe is, the answer in most cases would probably be a good bag, comfy heels and a trench coat. Along with a Chanel quilted 2.55, Hermes silk scarf and an LV luggage this coat has undeniably passed the test of time. Everyone has their own version of the trench and wearing one can be very personal but we all know that the versatility of the trench is unbeatable! I’ve been dreaming to find one in my size (which lead me not once to the kids department) for the last decade and here it is, the ultimate trench from Burberry’s A/W 12 collection, my next task is just choose the color, so what’s it gonna be trendy Oxblood? Or classic beige?

Quality, something to pass on to the grandkids.

In a detective mode, Do I spy chic?

Who needs anything under that trench? this would easily pass as a coat-dress.

Coast is clear, moving on to the next adventure…


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2 Responses

  1. 01 J.

    I love the oxblood one, so unusual! I actually have a beige Burberry trench, but I rarely use it. It just seems a bit bland a lot of the time. So my favorite is actually a black trenchcoat from Victor & Rolf, because it has some fun details. But choosing the oxblood one in this case would be the same way to add a fun factor into a very classic item, I think. So I would really go for the oxblood one if I were you 🙂


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