Tel avivian winter British style

by Roza Sinaysky | 10.12.12

I’ve been lucky enough to attend Burberry’s spectacular fashion shows in London for 3 seasons now. As a huge admirer of the brand I was extremely excited when they decided to open their first Tel Avivian flagship store last year on Kikar Hamedina. The fashion blog was dreaming of doing a little Burberry special for a while now, and finally its time. So for the next 2 weeks you will enjoy a few Burberry related posts.

It might sound very strange to some of you out there, but Tel Avivians are still enjoying warm sunny days even in the middle of December. I can’t wait to wrap up in style in my trench coat. I guess I will have to wait a few more days and enjoy a light knit instead.

Burberry is not all about the check, there’s plenty of stripes too.

The perfect way to feel like a lady in the winter: Keep it sweet, wear a high waisted skirt, carry a gorgeous bag and add a bow for that girly touch.



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