Friday outfit

by Roza Sinaysky | 07.12.12

Here we go, another week has gone by and I am gearing up for the weekend. What better way to get ready for weekend’s social activities then trying on new outfits! Mixing casual with dressy is the best way to keep it simple and elegant. Here is a little combo I put together for a fun little occasion this evening, containing my new obsession and a fabulous birthday present, felt hat with cat ears!

A vintage denim jacket goes a long way in every wardrobe, mine is a wrangler.

Mixing evening lace skirt by Fashest with a casual T shirt  from J Crew.

Happy weekend everyone.



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2 Responses

  1. 01 Tali

    וואוו איך פיספסתי את הבלוג המדהים הזה?!? סטייל=10, פוסטים=10, תמונות=10,השראות=10
    מדהימה פשוט מדהימה! אהבתי את הסטייל והסגנון שלך רק חבל שגיליתי את הבלוג רק עכשיו


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