LV Loves Bloggers

by Roza Sinaysky | 29.11.12

It seems like a lot of luxury brands can’t get enough of “real girls”. Instead of placing models and celebrities in their adds it’s now all about the bloggers. For the launch of the new “MINI” bag Louis Vuitton collaborated with these lovely ladies, Miroslva Duma, Elin Kling and  Hanneli Mustaparta. The lightness of this shoot makes it a lot more relatable for the young LV girls.

Macaroons, LV bags, tea and friends, what can be better?

Hand in hand in Louis Vuttion.

Elin, Louis and bike.

A new “MINI” monogram messenger.

I want this pink MINI!!

Pink is chic.

Just to make it even more fun, here is a little video to compliment the girly vibe.



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