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by Roza Sinaysky | 07.10.12

The idea for this post begun with an afternoon spent with Galit Reismann. Galit is the founder of TLVStyle, a shopping tour service that invites you to explore Tel Aviv’s fashion, style and design scenes. Galit’s unique experience takes you on a journey to the heart of Tel Aviv’s fashion. A great way to discover all the hidden gems of this vibrant and urban place.

A local expert at your service. Galit Reismann photo by Zohar Shitrit.

As part of Galit’s shopping tour you will get to meet the designers behind the clothes.

Galit’s shopping tour is tailored to meet your personal taste, lifestyle and preferences.

Take a closer look on Israeli fashion with Galit’s help.

Special promotions from TLVStyle  through the fashion blog for more info click here 



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