Chic guide to Jaffa Part 2

by Roza Sinaysky | 29.09.12

We continue our mini guide to all things chic in Jaffa. Just a walk distance walk from your last shop (Sharon Brunsher) there are a couple more hidden gems. A little gift shop with a tropical theme called Bo Bo. I’s filled with little quirky nick nacks, from printed t shirt to crafty necklaces. Bo Bo on Rabi Pinhas street 12.

It’s all about color organization.

Brick a Brack

Get your comfy shoes on for a more productive walk.

Toned down but still cute. Bo Bo.

Before I go into telling you about the next shop, you should probably know that the Jaffa flea market is also filled with incredible stuff to eat. If it’s a nibble you fancy then the Aboulafia bakery is the spot for you, if you are more serious about your meal try Cordilia, but if it’s local home made food you desire then Puaa is the spot for you.

Ok, moving on to the next spot. One Bedroom is a shabby chic life style boutique where you can find anything from great summer hats to great interior decorations, the selection is endless and this shop is a must. 12 Yehuda Margoza.

One bedroom and 2 chairs.

Jars anyone?

Shabby chic at it’s best.

A stylish Alphabet in the heart of Jaffa.




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