Jaffa – The guide part 1

by Roza Sinaysky | 25.09.12

Remember a few post ago I promised you a guide on all things chic in Jaffa? Well now it’s finally complete and you can start your tour! In the last few years this ancient town transformed into a hip hug, with new art galleries, bars, restaurants and shops opening everyday day makes it the place to be.

Starting from the flea market itself. The market is a top attraction spot to all brick a brack lovers and bargain hunters. In the Jaffa flea market you can find anything from persian carpets, original vintage denim, and tons of amazing middle eastern jewelry. Directions: easy, the market located between Yefet Street and Jerusalem Blvd not far from  the Jaffa Old Clock Tower very central spots, impossible to miss!

Denim paradise.

In all shapes and shades possible.

Some Mediterranean goodies make great souvenirs for those back home.

Blig Bling jaffa style.

Jaffa is all about cultural diversity, this you can really tell by the endless contracts in this part of town. This next shop is couldn’t be more of a better example. Sharon Brunsher’s shop is one of Tel Aviv’s best shopping destination. Her clean Scandinavian style is such a breath of fresh air in the middle of a busy and colorful market. Here is the address  13 Amihad st. Jaffa +972.3.6831896

It’s all about black grey and white.

Minimalist at heart.

Jersey paradise.

Our guide continues soon so stay tuned!






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  1. 01 Adi

    Amazing post – just in time for my exploration of Jaffa for the fashion bloggers we’re bringing to Israel!!!
    we’ll be sharing it on our FB page too so make sure to like it there 🙂


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