Till death do us part

by Roza Sinaysky | 02.09.12

Weddings are a huge part of  any religion and culture. Today, this personal and intimate event can get out of proportions and turns in to a mass production where in most cases the bride looses her head in preparation for the big day. The exhibition I went to last night was a tribute to the romantic and dark side of the wedding, the bride and of course that white dress. 13 leading Israeli designers show cased their take on “Wedding Dresses” here is the outcome, for better, for worse…

Corpse Bride by Lihi Hod.

Designer Ronen Levin designs straight from the heart.

Beautiful detail on this one by Victor Balaish.

This reminded me of Comme Des Garcons,  symbolic “over the top” heart shaped leather dress.

Alon Livne’s immaculate detail.

Anya Fleet’s bride is a patch work of all she could find in her studio, mix and match.

Once again, I went with the theme. I wore a white jersey dress by Philip Lim.

The exhibition is on untill October 31st in Holon. More details here. 



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