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by Roza Sinaysky | 30.08.12

Unless you’ve been out of space for the last few months, you know that right now Bar Rafeli is the hottest chick on earth, and yes, she is a Tel Avivian! Yesterday I had the chance to catch a glimpse of our national pride as Bar attended the launch of “My Collection” a beautiful and affordable line from H.Stern. Even though Bar was undoubtedly the center piece, I managed to lay my eye on some of those precious jewels.

Flowers and Bar at the H.Stern store in Hilton Tel aviv.

Talk about world domination!

Against all fashion rules, six kinds of deserts at a fashion event?! Arrest me now!

An effortless and chic mix of fine jewels and white silk lacy gown. Perfection.

Even prettier in real life.

Oh yeah, the jewelry!

Part of the campaign, Bar as a New York city girl.

My personal favorites from this collection.

A tiny silver scull. WANT!!!


A charm bracelet, for good luck.

A beautiful heart-shaped ring.
I know that the prices are within reason, but it’s time to make a choice, which one should be mine… ?



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