Drama Queen

by Roza Sinaysky | 29.08.12

So many exciting things are happening in town. One of them is a wonderful initiative by “Beit Ha Ir” and of course it is fully dedicated to fashion! Each month a different influantial international designer will present an exhibition and give a talk about their work. Last night was the opening of this month’s exhibition by British design-due Boudicca. Even though I was familiar with their creations, I enjoyed seeing them in the local set up, and having the designers there made it even more special.

Now, that’s what I call fashion forward!

These shoes are not made for walking.

For display only.

Just to remind us we are still in Tel aviv, the tiles and those tights…

Keeping things simple in Beit Ha Ir.

Beit Ha Ir in all it’s glory.

As you can tell I came prepared, I have done my homework and dressed accordingly.
Posing with my favorite mannequin!

Fine lines and immaculate attention to detail, that’s Boudicca.

Peplum, officially a modern classic.

It’s all about the sleeves at Boudicca.

Those sleeves again…

Drama in Tel Aviv.

Thanks To the British Council for their amazing initiative, keep those exciting things coming!






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