It’s show time

by Roza Sinaysky | 19.08.12

In my job, there’s nothing I appreciate more than efficiency. I am so inspired by people who make an effort, those who make things happen the best way possible. This morning I witnessed such an effort and a great amount of thought at the Castro show. To see a music hall transformed in to a David Lynch-like set was a real treat, with red curtains à la old Hollywood glamour, black-and-white checkered floors (just like those at Prada), and the local fashion world’s Who Who all fabulously dressed, set the tone for a spectacular show.


But, first things first! My outfit! I chose a rather matchy one for the occasion…

Lucky me, I was allowed back stage to see all the action before it hit the runway.

Boys being boys…

My über-talented friend Merev Ben Lulu caught in the moment.

Hair and makeup by Miki Buganim.

New faces…

New faces…

This cardi is a keeper!

Nice specs, girls!


No event in Tel Aviv is complete without feeding the guests.

Oh those blinding lights, that dress and the psychedelic floor. It is all so va voom!

Floaty yet tough. That’s just my kind of girl!

Le grand finale. No such thing as too much black.

Starting the week with such a glamour boost is fantastic. Now have to march back to reality !


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