Shabat Shalom

by Roza Sinaysky | 17.08.12

What makes a great weekend? Is it spending quality time (better known as stuffing your face, In Israeli terms) with friends and family? Maybe it’s wearing your highest heels and brightest lipstick and dance the night away? Perhaps it’s indulging yourself in a guilt free snooze the morning after? Friday afternoon means only one thing in Tel aviv, it’s time to slow things down a bit and take a well deserved break! Yes, that includes you too! So, get comfy in your sit and let me tell you what makes my weekend fabulous…

My new Jo Malone goodies all the way from London are one thing.

A brand new precious silk dress by fab new label Insideout sure adds charm to my weekend.

If one dress wasn’t enough to make my weekend, this gorgeous Dolce & Gabbana style lace skirt by the lovely girls at Fashest, will do the trick! Thanks Hadas and Adi!

No weekend is complete without a good flip through my new glossies…

Weekend Shweekend! creativity doesn’t take a break! When I get in the swing of things it is impossible to stop me. Mood-board making is one of those relaxing yet productive activities I like to take time to complete. This one is my latest creation.

What’s a weekend without fresh flowers in a pickle jar?!!


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