Rolex comes to town

by Roza Sinaysky | 31.07.12

The legendary Swiss watch company is revamping it’s Tel Avivian head quarters and re opens a flagship store at number 1 Shaul Ha Melech Street.
I was fortunate enough to work with Rolex on several campaigns and in the process became very attached to the luxury watches. I went to see the new shop with huge interest. As you can tell the store was massively upgraded  and designed to the highest standard, it even has a VIP room for those extra special customers. Euro Asia the official importer of Rolex to Israel is also responsible for brining us brands such as  Balmian, Certina, Berling,Tudor and Michel Herbelin.

These elegant  “Perpetual Sky Dweller” watches  (pictured bellow)  are the new addition to the Rolex family they were in development for 10 years and now finally they are exclusively displayed in Tel Aviv  before anywhere else in the world. They are available to buy from October so start saving!

Sadly I will have to work on a few more campaigns before I can I get my hands (or wrist) one of those, so in the mean time I am willing to settle for this beauty bellow by Balmain.

Here is a little video that might help you appreciate the Swiss art of watch making.



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